Very Inspiring Blogger Award 14

From a Very Inspiring Blogger

Thank you, Gracie’s Quest for nominating Biltrix! We are honored and humbled by this award.

When it comes to inspiring bloggers, you can’t do more to inspire your readers than encouraging them to live their lives in search of Christ, as Gracie surely does with Gracie’s Quest. Her mission statement says it all: More…

Reader Appreciation — ‘Cause You’re the Best! 9

Thank you Walter!

This morning I was happy to learn that Biltrix was nominated for this prestigious award — The Reader Appreciation Award — from God-fearing Missionary, Walter Bright.

I really enjoy Walter’s blog, Where are you… Where are you going, for being always More…

When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It! (Thanks for Two Blog Awards) 16

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” — Yogi Berra

The ever quotable Yogi Berra

I just love Yogi Berra quotes. Don’t you?

On behalf of the Biltrix team I — James, in case you didn’t know — would like to thank two wonderful bloggers for nominating us for the following awards: More…

Passing it Forward 6

We’re honored for the second time this week with a second blogger award. I would like to confer it back to some others who I think really deserve the award, especially to 8kidsandabusiness who gave us the award (Thank you! And thanks for the video at the end of your acceptance post. That was really classy!  Everyone loves Sally Field.). Balancing a large family with a small business: How beautiful is that! More…