What Every Married Couple Should Know About the Truth of Sex and the Lie of Contraception 13

Fr Jason Smith

Fr Jason Smith

Words are not the only way we communicate, the body itself speaks a language.

A smile is, for example, one of the most obvious and effective means of non-verbal communication. It is so important Dale Carnegie notes that:

“The expression worn on your face is far more important than the clothes worn on your back.” More…

The Glorious Mysteries in Color 5

By Fr Jason Smith

I came across some old statues of the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary in Stony Point, New York, and as both Easter and Biltrix are on my mind, I immediately thought of posting some pictures of them. More…

The Seventh Word, “Father, into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit” 6

“Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.” With a last sigh your head drops slowly towards us, with your chin just above the breast-bone. We can now look up at your face; finally it is relaxed and calm, illuminated with the gentle majesty of God. More…

The Third Word, “Behold Thy Son,” “Behold Thy Mother” 7

Meditation on the 7 Last Words, by Fr Jason Smith
The curses and insults have begun to dwindle. The large crowd is no longer interested in watching Jesus die. The show is over. More…

The Second Word: This Day You Will Be with Me in Paradise 5

Meditation on the 7 Last Words, by Fr Jason Smith

We have been accompanying Christ during his passion. As if the cruelty of his torments was not enough, now, suddenly, a new type of scourging begins: More…

The 7 Last Words, A Meditation on Christ’s Passion for Holy Week 7

Behold the Man!

By Fr Jason Smith

During Holy Week, I will be posting a daily reflection on the 7 Last Words of Christ. Today’s reflection is a prelude to the passion. The scene is Jerusalem. Jesus is being led to his crucifixion. More…