Apology (with a cat video…) 2

Yesterday I embedded the wrong video in the Four Horsemen post. I meant to embed one of an exchange between Neil DeGrass Tyson and Sam Harris. Instead I mistakenly embedded a similar one, from the same conference, which ends with Dawkins using a vulgar explicative. I apologize if anyone was offended by my mistake. (We try to keep our content at or below PG-13).

If you are interested, I changed the video and the one that is there now makes much more sense within the context of the rest of the article.

Thank you!

James Stone

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Who are they? I think scripture, art, and the Angelic Doctor give us good hints, but we’ll only really know when we pass to the next life (and boy will we thank them!)


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I’ve been thinking about angels lately.  Guardian angels especially.  I had never much considered them before this past year, never really thought deeply about the extent of my own belief in them or what it means. Yet in looking back over my life, there were times and events when, well, it was more than just blind fate, more than being lucky, that I am still here.  Who are these beings who watch over us?

Those who speak of angels often describe them as male, or appearing as young men.  Icon often depict them in an androgynous way, neither male nor female, able to be read as either or both.

  I recall a newspaper account of a woman whose car went over a cliff.  She was badly injured, very badly, with broken legs.  She realized that she would die in the ravine, that nobody would see her on the steep, wooded slopes.  Somehow she…

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True Love Is Total Self-Giving 4

By Ryan Harkins, LC

In this heated debate over the use of contraceptives in general, I think it’s important to discover the real issue at hand: beyond the $30 a month it costs to have regular contraceptives, beyond the “rights” for women to do as they wish with their bodies, and even beyond breaking the system with new medical aid that frees women’s natural “suppression” of being pregnant every time they engage in the sexual act.

The issue here is not about any of that, but rather about the true meaning of both love and the engagement in the conjugal act.  For is this not what the whole debate is about? More…

Why I Stand with the Legionaries of Christ

I wish I had a better picture to show how packed the room was with Legionary Fathers and Brothers at my doctoral defense. I will never forget that.

This weekend I really wanted to write a personal testimony entitled “Why I Stand with the Legionaries of Christ.”

I had already begun writing it when I found this video posted on my Facebook Timeline More…