The Awakening Conscience 22

By Fr Jason Smith

The Awakening Conscience

We ache because we are not full.

In The Awakening Conscience William Holman Hunt places his finger—or brush, better said, on the ache found deep within every person: We either have God who alone can fill us, or we will endlessly try to pursue the things that cannot do so.

By most standards today, the woman in Hunt’s painting should be blissfully happy, if wealth, prestige, social status, gourmet eating, sexual encounters, and the like, indeed left one filled. More…

What If a Candidate Supports Other Issues I Like (And Abortion)? 25

Last week, I gave a conference to a Catholic men’s group on voting with an informed conscience. During the time for questions after the talk, one of the gentlemen asked a thorny question:

“What if there’s a “pro-choice” candidate who supports 5 other issues I like? Are you telling me that if I vote for him, I’m committing a mortal sin?” More…