Catholics and Contraception 4

Fr Jose LaBoy

In the confessional and when dealing with married couples I find mainly two attitudes in Catholics who use contraceptives. One is that of weakness, there is knowledge of the evil of contraception, but the circumstances of life become a justification for using contraceptives in order to avoid More…

Dear HHS: Of Course It’s about Contraception 1

Since the Health and Human Services Department announced its controversial mandate just over two weeks ago, the thrust of most arguments against it have focused on its being an unprecedented attack on religious liberty and freedom of conscience, which it most certainly is.

Just one step away

Some people, however, have been insisting too much that the real issue at stake is not about contraception, as if to say, frankly, that’s a thorny issue we’d rather not have to deal with right now.

It certainly is a thorny issue and, in fact, it really is More…

Remember When a Can of Coke Cost 25 Cents? Vending Machines Now Sell Plan-B for $25 on College Campuses Reply

According to a WTAE News report, “getting access to Plan B, the emergency contraception pill is as easy as getting a soda,” at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania. The so-called morning after pill is now sold in vending machines on campus. More…