Get Rid of Thinking Once and for All 15

People like babies, because their smiles are contagious. We like to goof around with them, mimic their expressions, watch them get all excited, and when they start crying, we just give them back to mom. They’re so simple.

We tend to think that babies don’t think, even though there is much more proof that they do than that they don’t. One look into their endearing little eyes should tell us More…

Does Being Analytical Make You Lose Your Faith? Reply

A student response to popscience in the news
by Br Brendan Matthews, LC

Does being analytical make you lose your faith? This is what the title of a recent article written published on seems to suggest. I would like to briefly point out the main error behind this article, namely, the confusion between thinking and believing. First let us look at two main concepts the article offers us. The first is intuitive thinking “which is fast and effortless”; the second is analytical thinking “which is slower and more deliberate.” Based on this distinction, the author draws some pretty hasty conclusions. More…