The Sunshine Award – Thanks, Friends! 24

My photoblogger friends at The Urban-Wildlife Interface, Ferndale, Arkansas, recently nominated Biltrix for the Sunshine Award. Thank You!

We really mean to say we’re honored, because if anyone deserves this award, it’s The Interface. For your bright outdoorsy pictures, year round, and always uplifting words to accompany it, Interface, this is for you: More…

Biltrix Discovers “puzzling” New Planet and Is Nominated for Most Influential Blogger Award 29

We’re calling it Planet Biltrix and we will be offering Space Shuttle tours starting Wednesday, once gravity is installed. More details later.

But first…

Thank you Teresa at Catholibertarian

Thank you Teresa at Catholibertarian

Thank you Teresa at Catholiberarian for nominating Biltrix for the Most Influential Blogger Award!

And now for… More…

My Dear, Dear WordPress Friends… 28

I have not stopped blogging. Biltrix isn’t done yet.

Gratuitous Cat Photo

Gratuitous Cat Photo

In one of Seneca’s letters — I think it’s letter 43 but I’m not sure — Seneca rambles on to his imaginary friend Lucilius about how good it is for the soul to travel and read on vacation.

Well, I’m not on vacation, More…