The Best of Richard Dawkins 6

Introducing Dawkins Week:

Really Mr Dawkins? You’ve never heard a clever or interesting argument posed to you by the other side in a debate? Let’s see.

Starting Monday, Biltrix will present a daily video clip from world renowned scientist, author, and atheist Richard Dawkins, followed by a brief commentary from the Biltrix analytical team. Here’s a preview of what we are going to see.

Richard Dawkins wants to do away with religion. He wants to show that Christians or believers in any God are ignorant, foolish, and in his own words, a disgrace to human intelligence.

His theory of evolution is a tool to accomplish his goal of ridding the world of religion. In his new children’s book, The Magic of Reality, Dawkins aims to show children “what is myth and what is real, and to persuade you that true magic lies in science.” The upshot is that science can tell children everything there is to know about reality.

So, is Dawkins a brilliant scientist who’s just seeking the truth? Or is he an atheist with an agenda? We will supply the evidence next week and you can decide for yourself.

But first, here’s a promotion for Ray Comfort’s 180 from none other than…


  1. About the first video of Dawkins, it is not true at all that he has never had an interesting conversation with “the other side”. Just look up his conversation with George Coyne and you will see a very impressed (and reverent) Dawkins (You can find it on You Tube… Father George Coyne Interview (1/7) – Richard Dawkins).

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