Baby Tears Came Down from Heaven 2

Dostoevsky once wrote that the tears of a baby are greater than the order of the universe; a powerful insight into the dignity of human life, but an insight parents probably would rather not have to think about at three in the morning when the tears start flowing.

Yet, as hard as it is to get out of bed at three A.M., parents know they must, for there is nothing more dependent on the love and care of others than an infant.

It was no different for the baby Jesus. He was like us in all things except sin. He cried, drooled, slept, and, well, did all the things babies do. The quaint figurines of little Jesus we see at Christmas often portray him with head uplifted, arms outstretched, and more hair than I have on my head. Cute indeed but not real. He wouldn’t have even been able to lift his head without Mary or Joseph’s support.

The Son of God was, strikingly, completely dependent on them for his every need. If, somehow, we were to be transported to the cave of Bethlehem, I believe the first thing that would strike us is that Jesus is true God and true baby, emphasis on baby.

While praying and reflecting on this, what strikes me is the greatness of God’s love but also the utter gravity of what he chose to do. Why would God, the creator of all things, all powerful and omnipotent, humble himself to become a baby?

The answer contains within it the meaning and reason of being Christian, and so, over the next few weeks as we move through the Christmas season, I would like to answer it. But for the mean time lets pause and allow this great event called the Incarnation to sink into our heart and being: Jesus Christ is true God and true baby.

Fr Jason Smith, LC


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