Steve Jobs and the New Evangelization 2

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Fr. C. J. McCloskey suggests that, although Steve Jobs was no saint, we have a lot to learn from the example of his bold and productive life.

By Fr. C. J. McCloskey
As a priest, part of my job description is to be an agent of the New Evangelization that was proclaimed by Blessed John Paul the Great. Only a few years after leading the Church into the third millennium during the Jubilee year of 2000, his mantle fell to Pope Benedict XVI, who also proclaims very seriously the Church’s evangelical mission. I assume that the great majority of my readers are serious Catholics who in these challenging times are as eager as I am to see the vision of Bl. John Paul realized and continued by Pope Benedict XVI: to see the Church recover and flourish in growth and fidelity, in particular in what was once known as the West.

      Which brings me to the case of Steve Jobs. Let me be clear, I am not postulating Steve Job’s cause for canonization. His biography will convince the reader that he suffered from emotional wounds from his early childhood as an adopted son and, to put it mildly, that sensitivity, generosity, and compassion did not stand out in him as particular virtues. To his credit, he was not particularly avaricious and lived modestly. He entered into a late marriage that produced several offspring. Have mercy on him; after all, he was a product of California in the 1960s, not exactly a breeding ground for saints.

Nonetheless, we evangelizers or modern-day apostles, if you will, can learn from him. The following quotations are from Steve Jobs. The words following each quotation are my comments. …

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  1. Lots of insights here. Good post. Steve Jobs may have been full of flaws but God has always used our weaknesses for His own purposes. And there is so much truth in these quotes.

    • This is my favorite one:

      “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me . . . . going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful . . . that’s what matters to me.”

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