What the Biltrix? Is This Video Pro-Choice or Pro-Life? 2

Welcome to the Twilight Zone!

On May 8, this video appeared on You Tube:

The same video is featured as the only post on this new site: CHOICETVNETWORK. Tagline: Smile! You’re at the best WordPress.com site ever (sounds a little presumptuous, but let’s see…)

No more information available at this time.

Place Your Bets

Is this a Pro-Life video or not? I’m betting that it is. Here’s why.

The Unrelated-Related for the Week:

Good news and more good news. NARAL Head Nancy Keenan stepped down last week, because “abortion supporters just aren’t as young or zealous as their pro-life counterparts anymore.” (That’s double good news!)

I’m betting that Choice TV Network’s video is Pro-Life, because although the opposition is getting desperate, evidenced by goofy little tokens like this…

A White House Mother’s Day Card

Pro-Lifers are getting more creative and producing inspirational videos like this:

And this:

And... This

And of course, there’s the 180 Movie, which if you have not seen, you need to watch it now.

So is this video that will “Change the Abortion Debate Forever” Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

Place your bets here. Find out on May 22 at Choice Network TV.


    • I think it’s a safe bet. They are sure doing what they can to build up the expectation. Let’s see what they deliver.

      Thanks, SR. God bless you too!

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