The Things You Can Buy in Vending Machines Nowadays, Like Bubble Gum, Plan-B, and Marijuana Reply

In February I wrote an article on Plan-B abortifacient drugs being sold in vending machines on college campuses. Today I found this friendly ad telling where you can conveniently get your medical marijuana.

Read the short article on “Autospense” here.

What’s next? Anyone’s guess.

Here’s my guess: Why does it have to be medical to be legal?

I’m not trying to play prophet here or spoil anybody’s day. Just pointing out what’s out there. So I might as well point this out too…

Here, cheer up!

I know, this is the second time I posted this video today, but it brightened my morning when I saw it, so in case you missed it, I thought I’d share it again here. Lots to smile about! 🙂

If you liked the second video, you might be interested in this too (from earlier this morning):

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