Planned Parenthood and Gender Based Abortions 17

Protect Our Girls (.com)

Yesterday, The Hill reported that: “The House will vote this week on legislation imposing criminal penalties on anyone performing an abortion based on the sex of the child,… [read more]” Here is a related story from ThinkProgress.

Incidentally, Live Action launched a new website, Protect Our, and released the following video yesterday, revealing Planned Parenthood’s involvement in targeting baby girls for abortion:

[Part One]

I found no less than 9 articles covering this story yesterday and 2 more this morning (including CNN — too big for MSM to ignore). If you are interested, please visit my news page to see these and other top pro-life stories in the news today.

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    • Hi! Thanks for your comments and reblogging.

      Unfortunately, WordPress requires me to approve reblogs from new commenters (because I chose moderate first time comments). I have no problem with reblogging. I just got back from teaching my last class on St Augustine and saw this. Sorry for the delay. God bless!

    • The facts are certainly horrendous. I hope you realize, of course, that my aim is not to spark outrage.

      It probably wouldn’t be a good thing if we weren’t outraged by outrageous things. I don’t want to cause outrage, though, because just being outraged is not good by itself; the emotion of outrage is not a positive feeling.

      The sense of justice underlying the negative emotion is a good thing, especially if that sense of justice arouses our passion for protecting human life.

      My intention in sharing these stories is not just to make people aware of ugly facts. If the ugly facts only make people angry, I’d rather not share them, even if they are true and need to be known. I think there is more to knowing the truth than just knowledge of facts.

      My gut feeling at the moment is that we are not so much entrenched in a culture war as we are experiencing a moment of cultural conversion. It is not as though the atrocities we are seeing now have not been happening for quite some time now. If we are now becoming more aware of them, it is because people can no longer ignore them and they are finally reacting to them appropriately. The outrage in the response is proportionate to the crime, and the proportionate response is necessary in order to bring about the appropriate change.

      To achieve that end, the truth first needs to be known. Let us pray that good will come about through the knowledge of these facts and be assured that the gates of hell will not prevail.

  1. 100 Chinese women a day are committing suicide because of sex-selective abortions. We are turning them into badges of honor, like the woman in the video says.

    I knew someone who worked in the Reproductive Endocrinology Department at the University of Virginia. She said that women came in every day saying they had undergone multiple abortions previously and they wondered why they were having difficulties becoming pregnant again. I always wanted to ask: Do you think maybe you killed all the babies GOD meant for you to have?

  2. I couldn’t actually “like” this post but certainly am glad that you posted it. This needs to be brought into people’s awareness. It makes me sick.

    • I’ve had the same difficulty “liking” stories that were not likable, per se. For example, I don’t like graphic images, I never want to see them, and I would never show them here. Yet I know at least one very liberal person who is convinced of the evil of abortion because he saw a pro-life that I refused to watch.

      The facts themselves are disheartening. There are positive signs, however. Public awareness of the facts is growing, and with it, the pro-life cause is growing. The mainstream media is actually reporting on this a lot objectively more lately. There are, of course, some exceptions, e.g., MSNBC, whose reporting seems to indicate that the opposition is also getting desperate.

      I believe we are actually witnessing cultural change, that more people’s minds and hearts are converting, and that we will see more more pro-life laws in our country in upcoming years. I hope I am not overly naive in this regard.

  3. Then how is one supposed to feel? The woman from PP said, “I have had two abortions and have four kids and laughed.” I am outraged over this evil, and if that offends I am sorry. I have been outraged for many years over it, not just since you have been posting the post. I have written to our governing body and I have prayed and prayed. I vote according to who is pro-life and who is pro-choice. I do not have positive feelings concerning killing a little innocent baby. I do all I can to protect human life, and it is not from me being “outraged.” It is because I do not agree with murder in any sense of the word. These are my values and it is my values which cause me to move on things I do not agree with, not my anger. God Bless, SR

    • I’m not offended at all. The anger is not only understandable but reasonable.

      At the same time, I want to be cautious (personally) about being too provocative. I also want to point to the good, because I think we need that too. The good is very hard to see when the case at hand is what it is. The exposure of the facts, however, gives me the sense that justice is being done. That gives me a lot of hope. Sorry if I caused a misunderstanding here. I do admire your zeal. Christ’s outrage, when he cleared the temple was noted by John as “Zeal for your house consumes me.”

  4. I understand. I guess we each have to deal with this horrible… I do not even know what to call it… best as we can. I am glad I did not “offend you.” It is just something I feel very strongly about and when that woman laughed, it went all through me. The problem is there are so many out there like that. “I killed two babies, ha, ha!” I guess that more than anything is what bothers me, is the mind set of some in this nation. outside of abortion in and of itself. God Bless, SR

    • You are so right about that. People who think that way and say those things are sick, literally. They need a lot of healing. Let’s pray they realize that and that they seek it and find it. Thanks for your input! God bless!

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