1. Hey Biltrix,

    Thanks for sharing this. You know though, it is getting where I cannot stand to hardly think about these babies anymore. I pray daily for them, but my heart aches for them so badly. I do not for the life of me understand how people can accept this and act as if it is just another day!! It is murder of the worst kind. It is murder of those who cannot defend themselves from absolute hell. God help us? God Bless, SR

    • The facts themselves are outrageous, because the act is abhorrent, and the society that tolerates it is sick.

      Regarding women who have abortions, my sympathies are different. I can only feel pity. Abortion, of any sort, ought to be considered a crime, because it is a crime. The woman who would do this to her child for any reason is deeply confused and needs help.

      The fact I want to highlight however is the positive, even if the subject matter is evil and there’s no way around that. As these atrocities are brought to light, and more people and become aware of them, the public mindset begins to change.

      This change is now becoming visible. The media are reporting on these things including Fox and CNN (MSNBC just need to be ignored). Law makers are stepping up in their efforts to pass pro-life legislation. The Pro-Life movement is taking on the opposition more effectively and concertedly. I think there is lots of room for hope.

      A clear example of the positive change is seen in the video I posted here. People like Lila Rose, who put their talents at the service of the Pro-Life movement, are creating a deep change in our culture, and the media cannot ignore it. That makes it difficult for anyone to ignore it.

      The way I see it, all of this is for the good. Finally, I believe that if we had a different president, there would be a lot more hope for change in this regard. Fortunately, the presidency too can change.

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