Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me Unless You Know Me 7

By Fr Jason Smith, LC

Yesterday, I shared this list of things about myself as part of a requirement for the Beautiful Blogger Award. For my Saturday readers, I am sharing them here again, just in case you missed it.

1. My younger brother is also a priest. He resides and works in Florence, Italy. How he got that assignment and I didn’t I have no idea. I’m not jealous, I’m really not.

2. I was born on the same day that Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s home run record. I like to think I popped out at precisely the same time the ball crossed the fence. I’ve been an avid baseball fan ever since, especially for the Minnesota Twins, win or lose, mostly lose.

3. I’m very good at games of little consequence such as ping pong, corn toss, air hockey, and disc golf; I’m really good at wiffle ball, and can throw some pretty nasty pitches that can strike out pretty much anyone:

4. I don’t have much skill at anything but I’m really lucky and so I’m successful at about 95% of the things I do. One year it was getting out of hand and so I gave up winning for Lent–not competition, just winning.

5. I once got an F+ in Math. I could be the only person in the history of humanity to ever get an F+ in anything. I am very proud of that.

6. I once stole the Pope’s ring before the Easter Vigil. He washed his hands and the ring happened to have gotten stuck in the towel and he wasn’t aware and neither was I. I stuck the towel behind Michelangelo’s Pieta. Suddenly Pope Benedict realized he no longer had on the Papal ring! I gave him the towel back and there it was. Rumors still circulate around Rome about that but now you, o Biltrix reader, know the true story.

7. Once, while serving Mass in front of a packed congregation, my leg fell asleep. When it came time to stand up (I was kneeling) I toppled over in what must have looked like some strange sort-of liturgical dance. Nothing that has ever happened to me since has embarrassed me. People may gasp and scream but it’s really not that bad and ultimately they think it’s funny.


  1. The last three were funny to me. But is number 6 foreal? The last one I wish I could have been there Lol.
    thanks for sharing Fr Jason Smith 🙂

  2. Teresa, number six is for real! It happened before the Easter Vigil in 2006. The Mass started late, around 10:00 pm and the Pope looked tired, which is how the mistake might have happened. I’ll never forget how hard my heart was pounding when I gave the towel back to the Pope thinking that the ring might be inside. He unwrapped it like a Christmas present, put it back on his finger, smiled at me, and gently tapped me on the cheek as if to say nice try.

  3. Rob, so nice to know that you were there to witness how truly difficult giving up winning for Lent was for me. Also, keep practicing tennis and we’ll have a rematch soon. You are in my prayers!

  4. Father Jason,

    Must one go 7 for 7 to claim that they know you? I felt solid about 5 for 7, although that pales in comparison to your uncanny good fortune in games of skill. 5 out of 7 also roughly correlates to the ratio of the number of times I completely whiffed on your pitches last Summer. Not surprisingly, you struggled against me as well; that is until you went yard. Just like you, indeed!

    Peace to you, cousin.


  5. Dear Fr. Jason,
    I loved your list of all 7. I knew 6 of the 7 and can attest to their veracity. I am especially in agreement with number 4 as the other 5% is when you play against me…. Love you. Your brother Fr. Aaron Smith LC

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