Voices without a Vote 6

These young people may be too young to vote, but their rights are still protected under the Constitution. Hear what they have to say. Then, help them to defend their freedom, and yours, with your vote on November 6.

God bless America!

Lest we forget


  1. Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    To some extent, we have missed important opportunities. To restore constitutional government, we must nominate Conservatives and elect them. Unfortunately, we have much to learn. So after this election — even if we do well — we will only have begun. Nonetheless, we must do what we can. We can remove Obama and throw out the senators who voted for Obamacare. We can repeal Obamacare. With sufficient effort, we can begin the restoration of constitutional government. With sufficient effort, we can keep those who cannot protect their rights from growing up to become serfs.

    • As already you know, Citizen Tom, to do this we need to educate and inform. Education is needed to convert our culture. Information already seems abundant, yet one still needs to sift through a lot of it in order to get to the facts. That is why education, in a certain way, has to come first: people don’t always have the proper criteria for discerning facts. In another way, the astonishing number of people who aren’t aware of anything they don’t pick up on reality TV and sports channels, says we just have to get the word out and pray for the best.

      Many people may not realize that what they don’t know can hurt them, until it’s too late. To the one who has been given more, more will be expected of him.

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