• Showed him and he was so impressed. He said he had heard of it before, but did not know all of this in depth. He is a very “learned” man, (cough, cough:>), and it is really hard to impress him, but you did it with this. This was so awesome to me, and helped me to grow in my faith and prayers. Thanks again for sharing. God Bless, SR

    • I used to be a landscaper and thought that’s what I would do for the rest of my life, because I loved working outdoors. I always felt God talking to me through nature. God truly is the perfect artist. God bless you, Wendy!

  2. Great post! It was fascinating to hear about what iconography calls “Sacred Geometry” from a mathematical perspective. I didn’t know about the numbers per se, only about the spirals and their repetition through every aspect of the universe, large and small. I really enjoyed this.

    • “Sacred Geometry”!!! That is a great concept and I find the connection with iconography intriguing (hint! hint! — I mean that would make a great post, Reinkat). Thanks for pointing this out.

    • Well, maybe that was a bit strong of a hint… Sorry! I should have said, as a suggestion, that topic would make a really fitting post for Reinkat. It strikes me as the infusion of sacred cosmology in sacred art. Where else would you have to go to read about that?

      • No worries!
        It is a very complicated thing, this sacred geometry, which is hard to explain with words alone. Much better demonstrated, with drawing . . . I might tackle it someday, though. If I feel knowledgeable enough about it not to make a fool of myself trying to explain it. There are few books about it: one that I have seen is a very technical tome called, of course, “Sacred Geometry”.
        I might work up a draft to explain the simplest basics, thank you for giving me the idea. 🙂

  3. God has been called a “pure mathematician,” as in this quote by James Jones: “From the intrinsic evidence of his creation, the Great Architect of the Universe now begins to appear as a pure mathematician,” which I have understood before, but this particular piece of evidence, I never knew about. Yes, I do believe that a design implies a designer. This is just amazing and I can’t wait to share it with my teenage boy. Thanks.

    • Thanks for sharing these thoughts and the quote from Mames Jones. I’m glad you liked the video and hope your teenager will appreciate it too. God bless!

  4. I think that the discovery of this pattern has just as much value in relation to proving the existence of God as the ‘law’ of gravity or the fact that circles exist in nature. Why does it surprise us any more than these? I am not a fan of ID theory simply; because its arguments seem weak and vague for showing God’s existence…and seem to go based on a “See look at this…how could it be any other way than that God exist?” I don’t like that.

    Instead, the revival in an understanding of form and telos is essential for a rediscovery in how knowledge of God can be rational. Those shapes in nature exist…as consistent patterns…consistent behavior. The fact that the world around us is oriented in behaving in a particular way rather than in no way indicates an end state towards which all things are directed.

    • John, my friend, for some reason your comment landed in my spam folder by accident, and I did not notice this until now.

      I am not a fan of ID theory either as a “proof” for God’s existence — but hey, look! Everyone else seemed to like it a lot!

      Here’s the way I think of these kinds of things. They are hints, not necessary demonstrations. They do point people in the direction of an intelligent creator. They also lead people to glorify God. As scientific theory, ID (which the video only touches cursorily) is an unscientific theory, and as you point out, philosophically weak. But like I said, it’s a hint and some people could use some hints.

      As to your point that we observe in nature that things are regularly directed toward some determinate end, that kind of sounds almost exactly like the first premise of St Thomas’s 5th way, now doesn’t it?

      • Incredibly yes it does sound like Aquinas. How did that happen? I’m not sure what happened with the spam either….I guess my commentary could always be improved. God bless!

    • The spam thing happened once before with another frequent commenter. I am glad I caught it, because sometimes I have so much spam that I have to bulk delete it without checking it first. At any rate, thanks for all the comments. Your insights are always appreciated here.

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