Abortion Is Not a Band-Aid 17

I was minding my own business this morning when I stumbled upon this old Band-Aid ad with a hint of innuendo (at the bottom right corner of the image)…

Cures all wounds. Almost.

Something is not right with this picture. Can’t quite put my finger on it though…

In the wake of Sen. Todd Akin’s “legitimate” rape comment, it is difficult to write on the topic without sounding political. Unfortunately, the topic of rape already is a political issue, whether we like it or not, and we and we can’t blame the Missouri senator for that. So who is to blame?

In 1973, the United States Supreme Court awarded Norma McCorvey — alias Jane Roe — with the right to have an abortion, under the false pretense that she had been raped. In reality, the Court did not rule in her favor on account of her false rape allegation;  it ruled, rather, that a woman’s right to privacy extended to her decision to have an abortion. Rape, abortion, and a woman’s right to privacy now form a triad of political taboo — you can’t touch it — because of the Supreme Court’s Roe vs. Wade decision.

You can’t touch it, unless you are a lobbyist or a liberal politician, in which case, it’s your invincible trump card. A case in point:

But even as Democrats and abortion rights groups use the controversies to reinforce allegations of a Republican-led “war on women,” don’t expect the anti-abortion movement to back away from calls for all abortions to be illegal – even for women impregnated by rape or incest. (emphasis in original text)

Following a link to the article where I found this quote (Abortion For Rape/Incest “Adds One Terrible Thing to Another”), a short exchange ensued between two men (I am not naming the social network). Let’s call the two gentlemen Alex and Bart

  • Alex: Yes; and it is terrible to require a woman carry a baby to term as a living reminder of the horror of her assault.
  • Bart: Seemingly true, but resorting to abortion as a cure and (often) coverup for rape only buries unhealed wounds and compounds hurt.
  • Alex: I’ve never been raped, and as a man, I can’t bear a child. I don’t know what is worse–abort or carry–let the mother choose.

Well, Alex (I see that you carefully chose the term “mother” in your rebuttal), if this is how you truly feel, then practice what you preach and stay out of the argument.

Apparently, we are experiencing some difficulty with empathy here — Can’t touch that! You seem to be saying, “It’s not my place as a man to judge in these matters.” So why voice your opinion at all?

You see, it’s not just a women’s issue. In the first place, a man can’t escape his roll. Give any self-respecting man a problem and he’s got to find a solution, because men are hardwired to be Mr. Fix-It. That’s why we love duct tape. And Band-Aids are kind of like duct tape. They both cover things up and hold stuff together, almost magically. They are the quick solution to any problem. Almost.

But abortion is not a Band-Aid for rape. You can’t heal a wound by covering it up with murder. You will only exacerbate the pain of rape, under whatever species you want to call it, “legitimate” or otherwise, if you think you can resort to an abortion to end it all, because it won’t end it all. If you keep trying to cover it up with Band-Aids, it won’t heal. It will only get worse.

The abortion-rape-privacy issue isn’t just a woman’s issue. Men should not just sit back and throw their arms up in the air, as if it’s not my body so it’s not my problem. It is your problem and it is everyone’s problem. Here’s why.

We do not know how to address this problem because we’ve been told to leave it alone. Now, whenever something has to be said, men cannot touch the topic without swallowing their whole leg with their foot. Akin’s comment is a clear example that opened the can of worms to this effect.

On that note, the President had to chime in with the comment “rape is rape”: “The idea that we should be parsing and qualifying and slicing what types of rape we are talking about doesn’t make sense to the American people and certainly doesn’t make sense to me.”

Really? So why does the current administration feel it has to cover up Katherine Sebelius’s cover up for Planned Parenthood’s cover up of child rape? Stuck on Band-Aids! (Warning: Watch this video at your own risk).

I don’t often post videos from ALL, but they were about the only ones who reported on this story, because the MSM is embroiled in the stuck-on-Band-Aid-syndrome too.

Moreover, as LiveNews.com observed in a recent article:

Now enter former president Bill Clinton, a touted speaker at the upcoming Democrat National Convention. A letter writer at DailLobo.com reminds President “Rape is Rape” Obama:

“[Clinton] was accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape, respectively, by Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick. The only case to come to trial resulted in Clinton paying an $850,000 settlement to [Paula] Jones, and perjuring himself with regard to his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.”

In all, Clinton has been “implicated in at least five instances of rape, including the rape of former Miss America Elizabeth Ward Gracen,” quoting godfatherpolitics.com.

If “rape is rape,” then why are Democrats and Obama showcasing Clinton?

When it is convenient, they can play the rape-abortion-privacy trump card; when circumstances merit otherwise, they cover it up and everyone must keep their mouth shut. Why? Because it’s taboo — you can’t touch it. Only very powerful individuals can wield that card. We call this highly skilled and influential group of magic card wielders The Politicians.

And what have they done?

They’ve given us a Band-Aid.

Platitudes are for the the lazy ones. Put your money where your mouth is: 5 things pro-life people can do for rape victims (publiccatholic.com).


  1. Excellent article. Abortion is murder any which way you try to couch it in terms that imply otherwise. 150,000 pregancies are terminated in the UK alone each year. It’s an infant holocaust.

  2. Thanks for sharing all of this and making us “think!” Abortion is nothing but murder and of those who are so innocent and helpless. The whole thing makes me sick. There is never a “right reason” to have one. Good post and God Bless, SR

    • According to right reason, it is sick and any reasonable person should be able to recognize that. My hope is that well intentioned people who have not gotten the point yet will eventually use their God given use of reason to see that abortion always is murder. Thank you for your comment, SR!

  3. You have so much important information here, all together in one place. I would love to see somebody make these points in a national forum–like on TV, for example. If it has been done, I missed it. All I ever hear is propaganda for “the other side”.
    The Band-Aid picture is awful.
    Thank you for bringing up this issue so bravely, and for exposing the hypocrisy.

    • Thank you Reinkat! I’ve been off the blog more than I usually am due to a so far very enjoyable Labor Day weekend. Hope yours is a good one too!

      I also hope you did not find the Band-Aid picture awful, meaning awfully offensive. I might run the risk of being a little edgy sometimes. And of course you do understand that someone’s got to run that risk from time to time. If not Biltrix, then who?

      • No, I meant that the implications are awful, although perhaps I got a different message from it than others. I looked at it, at the bruised and bloody hands of the model, the suggestion of an early pregnancy: and got the message that marriage because of an unexpected pregnancy is going to be a negative, and that an abortion would be better . . . that a wedding ring is not a band-aid to fix up your life . . . don’t get married, get rid of the baby . . .
        That a marriage of necessity and not of love&sacrament isn’t ideal might be true, but perhaps due to the topics being discussed in the blog I extended the topic of abortion. It might not have been meant that way by the photographer, did I supply a context that wasn’t intended?

    • I don’t think you are reading too much into it. It is certainly conveying an ambivalent message, not a pretty one at that. Since I did not comment on it myself, but left it to the reader, I could not be too sure what each reader was taking away from it. That can be a risky move. But I think you intuitively picked up on the gist of the ad.Thanks for adding your insights! God bless!

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