1. Excellent follow-up to your previous post.

    “These Catholic politicians need to stop deceiving their fellow Catholics and other people in this way and either get with the full program or just stop promoting themselves as good Catholics.

    They are not.”


    Religious ingenuousness seems to be the theme for the day, James. As I said earlier today, I should have just linked to your post, rather than doing mine!

    These people are snakes, willing to distort everything & anything to cast themselves in the proper light.
    Sad & infuriating.

    • Thank you, Rev. Marple.

      “Wafer watch” would be slang for informal excommunication (which does not really exist). The NYT shouldn’t take the liberty to make that pronouncement in such informal terms, unless they also want to clarify what they mean with more appropriate language, such as latae sententia and ipso facto, which refers to the fact that certain people, whom I will not name, have already separated themselves from the Church by their very own public actions and statements that are tantamount to denouncing Church teaching. But I suppose the Grey Lady has done us the favor of making it known, if it was not known already, that Mr. Biden is not on our favorite person list.

  2. What gets me is how some “Catholics” are letting themselves be “deceived.” When I think about it, I think the word “ignore” is a better term.

    There is not one Catholic who does not know where the Church stands on abortion, nor do they not know what her teachings are on it.

    To me, actually what is happening is they are “ignoring” this, and “voting” their own beliefs. 52% of Catholics in the last election proved it. All of us knew Obama was going to make legal, partial birth abortion. That was the very first thing he did. This was not a “hidden fact.”

    I do not know, to me “deceived” is actaully too kind of a word, in my books. “Dishonest” is a great word also. Those who vote for this administration are being “dishonest” about everything.

    Good thought provoking post! Thanks for sharing and God Bless, SR

    • Good points, SR. I suppose what I meant by the “deceiving” other people remark is that their words and actions are a cause of scandal. That is a gave sin in and of itself. Instead of educating people on the true principles of social justice, they mockingly use this term this term in a way that encourages others to follow their corrupt behavior, which is sinful.

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