Motivational Video: Autistic High School Kicker Makes Game Winning Fieldgoal 12

21 seconds left in the game, the score was tied 21-21. Brick Township brings in the closer, Anthony Starego to finish the game. The ball is snapped, Starego sends the ball up in to the uprights, and the kick is good! The underdog Brick Township upsets its powerhouse rival Tom’s River (NJ) 24-21.


    • I am sure it is beautiful to see things like this for people who have had the gift of working closely with those who have special needs. For me the lesson is that every person is a gift, every person has a contribution to make, every person can make his family proud and find happiness in what he is good at doing and achieving. Blessed are those who find that happiness and blessed are those who live to see it displayed in the true gifts of others. Everyone is a gift and everyone has gifts to offer.

      Thanks, Travis.

      • Everyone is a gift. Unfortunately, technology allows us to see trisomy disorders before a child is born to give the option to parents to abort. I find it unethical and I will not do any such measurements in my field. For instance, there is the “nuchal translucency” where we can be certain a child will be born with down syndrome. Who cares?? I have yet to find a more loving, caring, and happy than the family of one of these “disabled”. I find we, the “normal”, are the most disabled of all. We cannot find the happiness that these different, unique, human beings find every day. We cannot see past barriers, but these unique children of God break through barriers all the time. I don’t want to imagine a world without these beautiful people who force us to love. God bless!

  1. Thanks for posting this! My son is autistic and I never thought football could be in his future. Maybe I’ll start him kicking! Wonderful to see such a positive news story!

    • Excellent lesson, James!!
      Far superior to the staged scenarios where the defense flops & drops, “allowing” a kid to score. THIS is the real deal, and means that much more.

      Plus, it’s yet another example of why EVERY child is special and EVERY child has something to offer. It could be football, or music, or just living a full, joyful life, however long or full that life is.

      God bless him and his family; that moment must have been like ten Super Bowls to them.

      My Irony Meter just pegged, though, watching the TODAY Show clip. Lauer and company would totally be on the side of a woman if she chose to ABORT her child if she knew they’d be autistic.
      Yet here they are, celebrating a worthy, laudable accomplishment by a child whom they’d “understand” if they were killed in the womb.

      Sorry, partner: don’t mean to be a downer here.
      It’s just that their hypocrisy shines through (to me, at least), especially as they seem blissfully unaware of it.

      Regardless, great video, and WONDERFUL story!!

      • WOW, JTR. Great minds think alike. I had not read your comment when I replied to the Squirrel, but I see now that you put it so much better than I did.

        Downer? Nope. That’s a good thing to point out. Stories like these are more than stories. They are about real people who live real lives and make a real difference. Thank God they were born.

        Examples like these raise issues — or should raise issues like the one you raised — that should make people think and then reflect on their own inconsistencies in thinking. There is no reason to abort a child.

        See how happy the Dad was? How proud the Mom was? I don’t know what they thought before Anthony was born or when the reality of his special needs began to sink in, but boy they are the happiest people in the world now, as a parent should be.

        There is certainly a lesson in this for everyone.

    • Whether football is in your son’s future or not, there is something great for him to do. More importantly, his being a part of your life already is something great. No matter what the challenges, his being with you is great: every person is a lesson in life and love. Every person has so much to give. Every person deserves to be loved for who they are. Every person has something to show us that we need to see. Bless you, Squirrel. Bless your kiddos too. And thanks for sharing this with us today.

  2. Yeah, I mentioned this to the wife last night, and she immediately felt the same way.
    Maybe I’m rubbing-off on her after 20 years….?

    Lessons are all around us, if we’re brave and aware enough to look for them.
    SO glad you included this video. Keep up the great work, partner!

  3. Thank you. My husband taught special ed and had several experiences with autistic children that are dear to his heart. Encouraging. We are all God’s children and just facets of His diamond.

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