The Unlimited Abortion Act 14

From an email I recently received

Many of you are making probable thinking about the March for Life commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade and yet in the midst of that, as I notified you last week, there have been some serious developments regarding the so called “Reproductive Health Act.” it is important from now on that we refer to this as the “Unlimited Abortion Act”, because that is more accurate in terms of conveying what this act seeks to do. It removes all current limitations and would make any future limitations virtually impossible. NO penalty for doctors performing abortions 24 weeks and above. Non-doctors authorized to perform abortions. Partial birth abortion a great possibility because it will be “LEGAL to 9 MONTHS” (how else can they abort a full term baby except burning the baby with a saline solution abortion).

All the state-wide pro-life groups have joined in a new coalition to defeat the bill. We’ve taken the name New Yorkers for Life, and have started up a Facebook page ( and Twitter account ( We would like to use these as rally points for pro-lifers, to express their opposition to the bill and to get more information. Please spread the word to everyone you know, encourage people to “Like” the page on Facebook, and share it with their friends and contacts, and to “Follow” it on Twitter.

The New York State Catholic Conference has put up an alert on the bill: Please let others know about this, and urge them to contact their legislators.

There is more to follow, and further resources are currently being developed which we will provide you with.


Of course, the most important thing to do at this point is to pray, pray and fast, especially for the conversion of heart for our elected officials who are seeking to promote this.

God bless!


  1. Isn’t this bill being promoted by the so-called Catholic governor? I would love to know what it is going to take these days for a politician who advocates for dissenting Church beliefs to be excommunicated? I know that we should be merciful and that we should pray for these peoples’ conversions but there comes a time when the clergy (bishops in particular) need to take a stand and say enough is enough, stop scandalizing the Church and leading others astray.

    • Governor Cuomo’s family tree was excommunicated long ago.

      Okay, that’s me being — well, me. But many of these politicians have been told by their bishops that they cannot receive communion in the Catholic Church. They are excommunicated, ipso facto, by their behavior. And I think the days are coming soon when bishops are going to have to start resorting to public excommunication, for the good of the faithful, who are being more and more scandalized, and for the good of these politician’s souls, and for the good of the Church. So far, I believe they have avoided pronouncing excommunication publicly, because we all know that the media will spin this politically and turn it against the Church. But like I say, it really has gotten to the point where the prudential decision on proclaiming public excommunication is going to shift. We are already seeing signs of that shift and now I believe it is a matter of when not if that shift will happen. When it does, we’ll know, because strong persecution will follow. Let’s be prepared to stick to our guns (i.e., faith, hope, and love).

      God bless, Teresa! Thanks for your reblog and comment.

  2. Reblogged this on theraineyview and commented:
    This is the next slip down the death culture’s slippery slope. My heart breaks for the babies and the mothers the act targets for its Orwellian definition of “health.” How did things go this far? The culture of death distorted language and distracted voters with made-up crises and manufactured phony statistics until they had society where they wanted it. we have to pray and we have to speak.

  3. The twisting of words, the spin placed on things, the endless DoubleSpeak. The mindless acceptance of it all by so many. I cannot understand it, and I despair for this country.

    • Resilience. Our values, beliefs, and traditions are true and they are much more convincing and appealing than what the secular tide is trying to impose on our country. Furthermore, our Lord promised to be with us until the end of time. He is with us. With Him, we wil prevail, Reinkat — believe it!

    • Unfortunately, with respect to some people, what you say appears to be true. Fortunately, for many of us, we can see the horror for what it is and try to put an end to it.

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