1. I had an Athiest friend post the article from the Huffington Post/Colorado Independent by the Catholic bashing journalist John Tomasic. A number of identical articles were printed in other far-left publications, saying the doctor never answered his page, so he’s at fault. It wasn’t the church who took the stance that the baby wasn’t a person, it was the hospital system’s lawyers who are paid to protect the financial interests of the business. That’s what I interpreted of this article- I’m interested in anybody else’s perspective.

    • I think you’re absolutely right. A lot of times media and internet storms are sparked from a needless lack of clarity, which unfortunately makes the Church look bad and Catholics get perceived as ignorant. Perhaps, a lot are ignorant, but in an age where information is so ready at hand, it’s a shame that people resort to distorting facts rather than trying to report on things objectively. As a result, a lot of the information out there is misinformation, and out of laziness, people generally take the source they habitually rely on, without doing any fact checking themselves. This puts more of a burden on us to try to set the record straight — but it is well worth it, for truth and justice’s sake.

  2. It’s one of my pet peeves: Moral Relativism.

    If we WANT it to be a baby, it is. If we DON’T want it to be a baby, it isn’t.
    This isn’t possible with either objective truths or a God who enforces such truths. In order to make this sale, man must be his own master, and then HE can decide what is moral/immoral, etc. ..

    It’s why you so often hear of the “immorality” of war from the Left, or the “immorality” of AGW, or pollution, or drilling for oil, etc., but never the “immorality” of premarital sex, or abortion.

    To the Secular Left, “immoral” has nothing to do with objective truths, but rather subjective desires and social mores. “Immoral” might as well mean “stuff that I, personally, don’t like”.
    Which, obviously, makes the word completely meaningless.

    Wonderful clip, James, and highly illustrative.

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