Blessed Are the Troublemakers 13

You know what really annoys me? This guy.

Yeah! That's right! We're Catholic!

Yeah! That’s right! We’re Catholic!

Don’t take this with a grain of salt. If we take him at his word and follow his example, we have to be a holy nuisance and annoy the [you-know-what] out of people. Literally.

Yesterday, Pope Francis made it clear. He wants You to be a troublemaker too.

Read on… (From CNA/EWTN News:)

“If we annoy people, blessed be the Lord,” said Pope Francis during his morning Mass at the Vatican on May 16.

“We can ask the Holy Spirit to give us all this apostolic fervor and to give us the grace to be annoying when things are too quiet in the Church,” he said at the chapel of the Saint Martha residence, where he lives.

He celebrated the Mass alongside Cardinal Peter Turkson and Bishop Mario Toso, the president and the secretary of the Vatican Council for Justice and Peace.

Council staff and employees from Vatican Radio were among those attending the Eucharistic celebration.

The Pope preached on today’s first reading from Acts 22 and contrasted “backseat Christians” with those who have apostolic zeal.

“There are those who are well mannered, who do everything well, but are unable to bring people to the Church through proclamation and apostolic zeal,” he stated.

The pontiff said apostolic zeal “implies an element of madness,” which he labeled as “healthy” and “spiritual.”

He added that it “can only be understood in an atmosphere of love” and that it is not an “enthusiasm for power and possession.”

Pope Francis also dwelt on St. Paul’s actions in the reading from Acts.

“Paul, in preaching of the Lord, was a nuisance, but he had deep within him that most Christian of attitudes, apostolic zeal,” he stated.

“He was not a man of compromise, no!” he exclaimed. “The truth, forward! The proclamation of Jesus Christ, forward!”

The Pope noted that St. Paul’s fate was one “with many crosses, but he keeps going, he looks to the Lord and keeps going.”

“He is a man who, with his preaching, his work, his attitude irritates others, because testifying to Jesus Christ and the proclamation of Jesus Christ makes us uncomfortable.

“It threatens our comfort zones, even Christian comfort zones, right?” he asked the congregation. “It irritates us.”

Pope Francis underscored that the Lord “always wants us to move forward, forward, forward, not to take refuge in a quiet life or in cozy structures.”

Saint Paul’s apostolic zeal, he observed, comes from knowing Jesus Christ.

Paul did not find and encounter Jesus Christ with an intellectual or scientific knowledge, but with “that first knowledge of the heart and of a personal encounter.”

According to the Pope, St. Paul was a “fiery” individual who was always in trouble, “not in trouble for troubles’ sake, but for Jesus” because “proclaiming Jesus is the consequence.”

“The Church has so much need of this, not only in distant lands, in the young churches, among people who do not know Jesus Christ, but here in the cities, in our cities, they need this proclamation of Jesus Christ,” Pope Francis stressed.

“So let us ask the Holy Spirit for this grace of apostolic zeal, let’s be Christians with apostolic zeal, onwards, as the Lord says to Paul, take courage!” he exclaimed.

To sum it all up: Blessed are the Troublemakers; they will set the world on fire for the Kingdom of God!

I'm John Paul II and I approve of this message

I’m John Paul II and I approve of this message

I second that!

I second that!

Disclaimer: I hope that didn’t annoy anybody… (Not really). No seriously… (Not).


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  4. OK, that was funny… yet honest.

    James, I think this is something where we could learn from the Southern Evangelicals. Lived there for over 7 years, and in that time I found almost anyone was be able to mention Jesus in virtually ANY conversation: lawyers, doctors, coal miners, accountants, you name it.

    No fear; not a single hesitation. Never.

    Just a thought..

    Of course, if you find this comment annoying, I take it back…

    • I do know what you’re saying, JTR. What a difference it makes when people can openly talk about and share their faith with others. Or as the Psalm says: “Ecce quam bonum et iucundum, habitare fratres in unum” (What an awesome thing it is for us to live together as brothers — my loose translation). Faith is also a brotherhood. That’s the way it should be.

  5. “Disclaimer: I hope that didn’t annoy anybody… (Not really). No seriously… (Not).”
    This comment was so James Stone’s!!!
    Thank you for the post! God bless!

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  7. What’s this “Eucharistic celebration” stuff. I always thought it was referred to as the Holy Mass. It is difficult to understand the theology of you Novus Ordo geeks.

    Cymru am byth!

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