End of the Year Retreats and New Year’s Resolutions 7

Hello, Everybody! And Goodbye for a couple of days. I’m going on an End of the Year Retreat. I hope to come back with some strong resolutions for the New Year, and hopefully turn over a new Biltrix.

Speaking of New Year’s resolutions …

Statistically, most people end up breaking their New Year’s resolutions within 48 hours of making them. I somehow manage to join that statistical majority every year (so I can say I’m consistent with regard to at least one thing). If you are like me, you could use some help choosing a good resolution. Here’s a piece of advice you might find helpful.

In other words, keep it simple. 

So I might not be the best person for offering advice. However, one thing that does help is a good spiritual retreat or at least a morning of reflection. If you are not a morning person make it an evening of reflection. If you don’t have time for that — Ah ha! — there’s something worth looking into. Make sure there’s time for God in your life.

That’s my plan, anyway. While I’m in desert mode for the next couple of days, off in a secluded place, I’ll be remembering you all in my prayers as well. Keep safe, keep warm, and have a Happy New Year!


  1. I am grateful for your many insightful and inspiring posts and look forward to reading more Biltrix in the coming year. Till then, I pray you have a fruitful spiritual retreat. God bless!

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