Happy Birthday to Me! 15

Today I am celebrating, because February 6 marks the Anniversary of the day I became a child of God! 

I’m calling today my birthday, because in virtue of my baptism, I was born again. How awesome is that? I get two birthdays!

How am I going to celebrate?

So far, after a nice hot shower, I meditated on how good life is and thanked God for it. Then I prepared my favorite breakfast, which consists of a cup of coffee along with something solid, like carbs — I like carbs. Later on today, I’ll do an hour of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament and attend Mass. And at one point, when I’m not working, I’ll probably go back to reflecting on how good life is. And maybe a couple of times before I go to bed I’ll enjoy some more carbs with some protein. Sounds like a concrete plan for a great day!

Oh! And exercise, I definitely need to celebrate with some exercise.

Whenever your baptismal anniversary comes around, be sure to make it a special one.

I was too young to remember the occasion, but I imagine it was something like this

Enjoy the blessings God gives you everyday!


  1. Happy Baptismal Day! Our family celebrates birthdays and also the anniversaries of our baptism. On birthdays, we celebrate with cake and presents. On baptismal days, we celebrate with cake and presents and then we go around and “honor” the person by complimenting them on how they live out Godly qualities, i.e, loving, kind, patient, joyful, faithful, peaceful, helpful, diligent, etc.
    Not only does the honoree feel honored but everyone gets “built up” by it since we are celebrating how their life is a reflection of God. I highly recommend this for families!
    Pope John Paul II has actually encouraged everyone to celebrate the anniversary of their baptism.
    I already know you are a Godly servant of God. I honor you for your service to God’s people and how you spread His Word of love and the Truth around the world!
    God bless you Father!

    • Thank you, Mithriluna! I like the way your family celebrates baptismal days. This is the spirit of the Church militant, we build each other up! What better occasion do we have to celebrate than the day we became part of the Church as adopted children of God!

      God bless you too!

  2. I was baptised on the Feast of the Holy Rosary, 7th October. What a beautiful feast of Our Blessed Lady on which to “share” the celebration of my baptism! Maybe that’s why I have always had such a special love for Her.

    • That is a great day to celebrate your baptism, and it’s no wonder you have such a close devotion to the Blessed Virgin.

      Incidentally, my baptism is on the feast of St Paul Miki and companions who were martyred in Nagasaki, Japan, and my birthday is on August 6, which happens to be the day when Hiroshima was bombed; two days later, Nagasaki was bombed. I suppose that sounds kind of morbid, but I always thought there was some significance to it. So I pray for peace on those days.

  3. Here is a belated congrats!

    Little young for a full-immersion, I think, but being born again is much like becoming a babe once again. Suddenly, we realize once again just how little we know. What is different is that of a child of human parents we become a child of God. And that is no small difference.

  4. A Happy “Birthday”, James!
    And I’d say that this day is infinitely more important than your “real” birthday….

    And you have my prayers for many, many more such days to come!

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