Why Not Ask a Priest? 5

Fr Edward MaIlmail

Fr Edward McIlmail

When the contributors at RCSpirituality launched their “Ask a Priest” feature last month they weren’t sure what to expect. Would enough people read it or send in questions to keep it going?

Those doubts didn’t last long. Fr Edward McIlmail has been inundated by a flood of questions covering a wide range of issues. Fr Edward observes:

“People are hungry to know about the Catholic faith. And they want to know the right thing to do in difficult situations. They want to know whether it’s OK to watch R-rated movies. They want to know what to do for a loved one who isn’t practicing the faith. They want to know why there is so much pain and suffering in the world.” (Read More)

I’ve know Fr Edward for over 20 years, since the day he joined the seminary, and the first thing I have to say is he’s the man for the job. He’s a great writer with a sharp wit, deeply insightful, and above all a holy and devoted Catholic priest. Click the link below to preview a sampling of his answers.

If you have a question about the Catholic faith or moral teaching in the Catholic Church, why not Ask a Priest? Your answer could be just a click away…

Is there an app for that? Maybe soon, but not yet. Right now, I don’t see how it could get any simpler. If you want answers to your questions about the Catholic faith, click here to find out more.


  1. This is great! The resident priest at our local college does this same thing. He sets up a table on campus with a huge “ask a priest” sign and just camps out. From my understanding, it’s been a great resource, and there is usually a small crowd gathered.

    • There was a “stump the priest” version of theology on tap that got started in NY a while back. It drew big crowds. I’m glad there’s interest on both ends from the clergy and the faithful to help people grow in their faith.

  2. Does any particular priest speak for all esp with diversity political today’s RCC and American Catholicism lotta difference with pope stuff?But it is certainly helpful to have Q/A dialogue on personal level.

    • I find it interesting that most priests ordained since the early 90’s are very like minded and take pride in being in line with Church teaching and in step with the Pope. Knowing Fr Edward, I can safely say that’s his position, and most Catholics seeking answers from a priest would be looking for that. Of course, it that stands to reason that someone inquiring in that way would not just be consulting for opinion, but rather a reasonable explanation of doctrine.

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