Keep the Faith Real: The Antidote to Practical Atheism 9

By Fr José LaBoy

I’m always surprised when I see those food products with the labels stating what would seem to be the obvious. Take a carton of milk, for example, where the label says it contains “real” milk. What is it suppose to contain? Not so obvious I guess. In a consumeristic society you can’t always expect that you are really getting what you think you are buying.

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Why Not Ask a Priest? 5

Fr Edward MaIlmail

Fr Edward McIlmail

When the contributors at RCSpirituality launched their “Ask a Priest” feature last month they weren’t sure what to expect. Would enough people read it or send in questions to keep it going?

Those doubts didn’t last long. Fr Edward McIlmail has been inundated by a flood of questions covering a wide range of issues. Fr Edward observes: More…