Politics from the Pulpit: Will the HHS Put an End to Catholic Charities? 2

What if Catholic charities ceased to exist in this country?

If the government does not rescind the HHS Mandate, it is conceivable that the Church would be forced to shut down universities and hospitals many Catholic health services that provide affordable healthcare to thousands of Americans would likely follow suit.

How could the government allow that to happen? More…

Metaphysical Argument Against Abortion 2

If you question the morality of abortion, then you should also question its legality.

Why? Because abortion is murder. It involves willfully killing an innocent human being, which is morally corrupt, because it is murder.

To show why that is the case, one needs to first show that the child in the womb, from the moment of its conception, is a human person. Once that premise is established, the rest of the argument follows: If you accept that the unborn child is a human person then you also must accept that abortion is not only immoral, but should also be illegal.

Here are some indisputable  facts taken from an article from LiveAction.org, to argue that the unborn child is a human person:


Birth Control and Spirituality Reply

Why is artificial birth control an option for Catholics who are willing to use contraceptives? On the occasions I have presented the possibility of using natural family planning (NFP) to Catholic couples who use contraception to avoid pregnancy, the usual response has been: “It’s too hard.”

What is sought, therefore, is a quick and easy solution to a problem. But can problems really be solved with quick and easy remedies? To think so is to reduce the problem of birth to a partial reality which necessarily implies leaving aside the deeper meaning of life and of personhood. Paul VI was very aware of this when in his Encyclical Humanae Vitae he said the following: More…

Fr Barry O’Toole: Why Contraception is Harmful Reply

Fr Jason Smith is on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje this week. Fr Barry is filling in for Fr Jason’s weekly post while Fr Jason is out.

Is contraception immoral because the Church says that it is? Is it not, rather, the case that the Church, as she is always obliged to do, points out that it is wrong because it is immoral?

So why is it immoral? In the following video, Fr Barry emphasizes one reason why the Church warns about the risks of using birth-control. It is wrong because it is harmful: More…

Catholic Bishops to Speak at Rally Sites 2

HHS Mandate News and Rally Updates

The March 23 Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom was called in response to the Catholic bishops’ call for the laity to stand up against Obama’s nefarious HHS Mandate. Laity of all faiths—not just Catholics—have heeded their call and now over 60 cities are confirmed for this nationwide effort. More…

Human Dignity: The Origin and End of Man 1

By Gonzolo Herrera

Kids have no problem when we ask them about their origin. They will simply answer I come from mom and dad. Biologically, we know that we are product of dad’s sperm and mom’s egg. We have very similar DNA to that of our parents; we even look alike and most of the times have similar psychology. After analyzing types of activities that are specifically human — abstract understanding, the ability to reason, the power to choose freely, we come to realize that man has a spiritual soul. A problem arises: More…

Why Confess Your Sins to a Priest? 3

Have you ever asked or been asked,”Why should I confess my sins to someone else, If I can just confess them to God directly?”

Of course, you can confess your sins to God anytime you want. And God forgives you if you are truly sorry.

When you confess your sins to a priest, however, you are not just telling some guy what you did wrong. In order to understand why confessing your sins to a priest is different (and important), you need to exercise your faith in the teaching of the Church.

The following video explains this clearly and effectively: More…

Three Creative Ways to Live the 40 Days 1

A Friend of mine put together this short video on living the Forty Days of Lent. More than a reminder of what the way we ought to live Lent through fasting, sacrifice, and almsgiving, this video offers some creative suggestions for living Lent with ferver. More…