Nietzsche and Neuroscience Reply

Thereupon, in the year 2006 or 2026, some new Nietzsche will step forward to announce: “The self is dead”—except that being prone to the poetic, like Nietzsche I, he will probably say… “The soul, that last refuge of values, is dead, because educated people no longer believe it exists.”

Thomas Wolfe, “Sorry, But Your Soul Just Died”

In Thomas Wolfe’s I Am Charlotte Simmons, More…

Christopher Hitchens Dies at 62 Reply

Christopher Hitchens will be remembered for his staunch atheism and pungent attacks on religion.

Here are Christopher’s reflections on Paschal’s Wager. This is a testament of his beliefs, just a year before he would finally succumb to esophagus cancer.

Please, remember him in your prayers, and may he rest in peace. More…

High School Kids Get Suspended for… Tebowing? 1

Warning: Kids, do not try this at home, on the bus, or (especially) at school. Remember, this is a highly trained professional athlete.

According to school officials at Riverhead School in Long Island, teens can seriously hurt themselves or others by engaging in activities like this: More…

Minimalist Mistakes: Contradict Yourself While Explaining the Obvious in Four Simple Steps Reply

If you are ever aware of anything, you are aware of the fact that you are conscious.

The truly amazing thing about consciousness — immediate awareness of one’s self and one’s own mental states — is that it occurs naturally and effortlessly. More…

Zen and the Art of Neuroscience: Your Will Is Not Free Reply

The aim of the following video is to show that all of your decisions in life are predetermined. You have no free will. The neurons in your brain already determined whether or not you would click and watch this video before you were even aware of making a conscious decision to do so.

Here’s what you are expected to draw from this video. More…