7 Last Words of Christ from the Cross 4

"Father! Forgive them, for the know not what they do."

“Father! Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Every word Christ spoke was for our salvation. His last words spoken from the cross before he died — each one of them – required great physical and emotional effort to pronounce. To breath a single breath caused his crucified body excruciating pain. And he speaks to us, 7 times, before he dies. How great his love for us! More…

The One Who Loves More 12

Sunday Gospel Reflection (Luke 7:36—8:3)

The one whose larger debt is forgiven is the one who loves more

The Pharisees in today’s Gospel, miss a  crucial point: Only the one who recognizes their sin, sincerely repents, and asks forgiveness receives the blessing of being forgiven, and hence, loving more. More…

Pentecost, Peace, and Forgiveness 2

In today’s Gospel for Pentecost Sunday, the Lord confers his Apostle’s with his power to forgive sins.

The Upper Room, a Place of Prayer and Peace

The Upper Room, a Place of Prayer and Peace

“The doors were locked for fear of the Jews.”

When Jesus appears to the Apostles, breathes on them and fills them with the Holy Spirit, he drives their fear away and fills them with peace. More…

All Is Forgiven 20

The Capital of the World, one of Ernest Hemingway’s lesser known short stories, tells the tragic tale of a Spanish bullfighter who never made it into the ring. Nothing strange about that. Futility and Pessimism are always dominant themes in Hemingway’s writing. After reading The Sun Also Rises, I just sat there for a while asking myself, “Does it? Where? Not in this book, it doesn’t.”  At a young age I decided to put down the Hemingway and stick to Calvin and Hobbes instead.