Pentecost, Peace, and Forgiveness 2

In today’s Gospel for Pentecost Sunday, the Lord confers his Apostle’s with his power to forgive sins.

The Upper Room, a Place of Prayer and Peace

The Upper Room, a Place of Prayer and Peace

“The doors were locked for fear of the Jews.”

When Jesus appears to the Apostles, breathes on them and fills them with the Holy Spirit, he drives their fear away and fills them with peace. More…

Why Should I Confess My Sins to a Priest? 7

Have you ever asked or been asked,”Why should I confess my sins to someone else, If I can just confess them to God directly?”

Of course, you can confess your sins to God anytime you want. And God forgives you if you are truly sorry.

When you confess your sins to a priest, however, you are not just telling some guy what you did wrong. In order to understand why confessing your sins to a priest is different (and important), you need to exercise your faith in the teaching of the Church.

The following video explains this clearly and effectively: More…