God’s Power Manifest in the Sacrament of Baptism Reply

I saw the Spirit come down like a dove from heaven and remain upon him -- Jn 1:32

I saw the Spirit come down like a dove from heaven
and remain upon him — Jn 1:32

In today’s Gospel reading (John 1:29-34), John the Baptist witnesses an enormous manifestation of God’s power at the moment he baptizes our Lord. As a witness of God’s power, he testifies:

“I did not know him, but … Now I have seen and testified that he is the Son of God.”

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Why Should I Confess My Sins to a Priest? 7

Have you ever asked or been asked,”Why should I confess my sins to someone else, If I can just confess them to God directly?”

Of course, you can confess your sins to God anytime you want. And God forgives you if you are truly sorry.

When you confess your sins to a priest, however, you are not just telling some guy what you did wrong. In order to understand why confessing your sins to a priest is different (and important), you need to exercise your faith in the teaching of the Church.

The following video explains this clearly and effectively: More…

The Sacramental Epiphany at the Wedding at Cana 8

Jesus’s miracle at the wedding in Cana is the third epiphany in the of the trilogy of epiphanies: (1) the Visitation of the Magi; (2) the Lord’s Baptism; (3) the Miracle at Cana. During each of these epiphanies, God’s power is revealed in the person of Jesus Christ, whose actions are accompanied by miraculous signs, which point to our Lord as the Savior of all mankind.

These signs also hint at hidden mysteries of our faith. By contemplating these signs in our hearts in prayer, we can penetrate the depths of the mystery and strengthen our faith. More…