Young Saint Mark 14

I was recently asked what gave me the greatest delight and satisfaction when working with young people. First, I wanted to say, just working with young people. When the youth get motivated, they have the potential to change the world.

Take for example Saint Mark, whose feast day we celebrate today.  More…

Saint Luke 12

Saint Luke, Evangelist (entered heaven in the first century)

From Uncle Eddy’s E-mails

Dear Lu,

Your note about the religious studies classes you are taking intrigued me.  I have always been interested in great intellectuals who try to reduce man’s thirst for God to neat sociological formulas.  Do keep sending me articles and updates; I’ll look forward to following along.

As for yourself, I issue a humble, avuncular warning. More…

Life as a Pilgrimage: What Have We Learned from St James? 18

Antonio Veneziano — Apostle James the Greater

Calicem salutaris accipiam et nomen Domini invocabo!

Three lessons I’ve learned from Saint James

The Catholic Church venerates saints in a particular way. More…