Raise the Bar in 2012 with a Pro-Life Resolution 4

Three Days into the New Year

Statistically, that means most people have caved in on their new years resolutions by now, since 2 out of 3 people break their resolution within 48 hours.

The take away is to make better resolutions, resolutions you can easily keep. This video explains how simply this can be done:

Okay, I am not advocating complacency — raising the bar to walk effortlessly underneath. I am issuing a challenge for this new year: to raise the bar for life in 2012. This is the year to make a pro-life resolution.

March for Life in Washington

If you’re looking to be inspired, LifeNews.com has a great list of pro-life resolutions, specifically for 2012. Here is an sampling from the article, New Year’s Resolution: 10 Pro-Life Things You Can Do in 2012.

Every year, people make New Year’s resolutions for things – like quitting smoking, losing weight, exercising more, eating right…and so on.  While I certainly support all of these types of resolutions (even if they are not kept), I wanted to challenge everyone to some resolutions that can help end the abortion holocaust.

I know many of you who are reading this are already sacrificing so much for the cause of the babies; you already go above and beyond what most others do.  But this year is different.  This is the beginning of the 40th year of legalized abortion in America, and I believe we need to raise the bar.

You can read the 10 tips for raising the bar this year at LifeNew.com. Here are some more ideas I’d like to offer.

  • Carry your cross at the March for Life in Washington DC (it’s 20 days away).
  • Can’t make the trip to DC this year? Be there in spirit and spend an hour in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament on January 23rd.
  • Sign up for weekly Eucharistic adoration for the unborn at a local parish. If you don’t have it at your parish, ask your pastor if you can doing it.
  • Explain your reasons for being pro-life to someone who thinks abortion should be legal.
  • Finally, here’s a challenging one, pick one day a week to fast and pray for the end of legalized abortion in this country.

Upping the challenge, I would like to invite you to share your ideas, plans, or commitments with us in the combox below.

What’s your 2012 Pro-Life Resolution?


  1. Those are all great suggestions, and I would love to head out to DC for the march, but more financially realistic for me is to live in and preach the truth (oh, and do all the rest of the the items on that list above…).

    The most important thing we can do for this cause (and for about any cause for that matter) is to educate. I truly believe that the majority of those who think abortion should be legal only *think* it should be and do not actually *believe* it should be, having been influenced by poor information and a personal detachment from it. When presented with the facts in a calm and reasonable manner, I am sure they will see the truth behind the holocaust and agree. All that and handing out copies of 180 would be a great start I think…

    • Living and preaching truth are fundamental. Passing out the 180 videos is also a great idea. It provides a good idea of what you are talking about — reasonably presented facts that speak for themselves.

      God bless!

    • 1. Chromosomal humans at copcention. Philosophically, human rights come into play at that time, but are constrained by the human rights of the mother.2. After birth, in the case of the unwilling mother, you do not necessarily have to assault the mother in order to protect the child.3. It is reasonable, it just eviscerates the human rights of women to control their own bodies.4. Because the mother had dominant rights.5. Those allowed by law. Or those which they can make a case for a change in the law. 6. As a violation of the woman’s rights and likely the child’s. 7. For the same reason a woman has to give consent to have a child removed from her body and a man does not.8. I can’t think of any medical procedures where the doctor shows you images of something removed from your body before the fact. But if a woman wants to see them I don’t see any reason to disallow it.9. Yes. Abortion is a conflict of human rights, with the mother’s rights predominating for obvious reasons. 10. No. In this case you must enslave someone. Either the mother or the child. Choose. In slavery, everyone could be free.11. Since my mother chose not to abort me I am happy. If my mother chose to abort me, presumably I would be indifferent. Only if my mother had wanted to abort me and had not would I be unhappy.12. The premise of this question is in error. Pro-choice women believe the following generation should have precisely the same rights, including the right to abort their children. 13. It doesn’t, but presumably she does have the right to save or kill herslf. 14. Not when it is justified. Criminalizing abortion is also replete with serious enforcement issues, not like any other crime except suicide. 15. No answer16. No. It shows that there is a recognition that a conflict of rights is involved. 17. Because it is a medical procedure. Doctors should be allowed to administer injections for capital punishment, presuming we retain capital punishment. 18. I’m not convinced abortion on these grounds should be illegal. 19. If we are throwing out the right to privacy, I have a few questions you must answer. If we are throwing out the right for women to control their own bodies, I’d like to have an application for the group controlling them.

      • “Philosophically, human rights come into play at that time, but are constrained by the human rights of the mother.”

        The rights of the mother would only constrain the rights of the child, if we do not consider the child’s rights as inalienable and absolute. “Philosophically,” in your case, means, based on my insular worldview. There are other longstanding philosophical traditions that resist your dogmatic position.

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