Meet George Washington: Patriot for Life! Reply

During the March for Life on Monday, I was proud to meet a real American hero, George Washington:

Living Historian George Washington

Well, OK, not the real George Washington, but living historian James Renwick Manship, Sr. (check out his cool video!). He’s also a Pro-Life Patriot.

Since I was wearing this sign — Adoption NOT Abortion — he shared with me his story of how he became a pro-lifer, for life.

In 1974 (a year after the Row v. Wade decision), James, a.k.a, George, knew a woman who became pregnant outside of marriage. Since she was no longer in a relationship with the father, she did not want to keep the child. When she told James that she planned on giving the baby up for adoption, James asked why she did not want to keep it. The woman replied that she was afraid that, one day, she might look at her child with resentment and she did not want that to happen. She wanted her baby to grow up in a loving family.

James told me that if she had that much love to have the baby and make sure that it was loved by its parents, he had to respond with love as well. He took her into his home and cared for her until she gave birth to her child. Everyone naturally thought that he was the father, but that did not matter. That’s what you call courage!

The great thing about wearing a sign, is that people will naturally come up to you and talk to you (or else they get out of your way!). So I got to hear many inspiring testimonies that day.

One woman told me a story about her niece (I’ll call her Jane), who was not able to have children after her first child. One day, her husband came home from work and told her about one of his employees whose girlfriend was pregnant and was planning to have an abortion. The Jane said, “Invite them over for dinner!”

The couple came to Jane’s house for dinner and, when the topic of the girl’s planned abortion came up, Jane said, “I’ll adopt your baby, I can’t have any children.” The girl immediately said, OK. And it was settled.

They arranged for a closed adoption. After the child was born, Jane took pictures of the mother and father holding the baby and she told them, “I want her to know that you are the real parents. She will grow up knowing that you were the mother and father.” Jane’s adopted daughter will also grow up knowing how her life was saved.

Like I said, I was fortunate to meet many inspiring people at the March for Life. I even met Captain America!

You too can be a hero

Unfortunately, Captain America had to run save the day, so I did not get to interview him. It must be hard being a superhero.

Speaking of heroes, let’s remember to thank the silent pro-life heroes who have devoted their lives to protecting the lives of others.

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