New York Times Getting Desperate? Don’t Be Silly. 2

After all, it’s just a full page ad inviting people to leave the Catholic Church. What kind of damage could it possibly do?

Maybe you are still not quite convinced there’s open war against the Catholic Church.

Now I’m not saying there’s a conspiracy going on here between the media, Planned Parenthood, gay rights activists, or any political figure to turn nominal Catholics against the Church. For an ad like this would seemingly defeat their present purpose.

I mean, if it’s true that an overwhelming number of Catholic women use birth control (nearly 99% according to Mr. Obama — a stat even the Washington Post calls suspicious), and supposing that it is expedient for the administration to use that stat to show that the majority of Catholics don’t stand with the Church on this issue, then asking these nominal Catholics to leave the Church would drive those numbers down significantly, and there goes the vox populi vox dei argument (directed against the Church) that supposedly undergirds the president’s HHS mandate.

Whether you believe in conspiracy theories of this sort or not, these are desperate measures. The question is what are they scared of? Losing the momentum they’ve gained in imposing their will on the Church and on the free citizens of this country? Or perhaps it has more to do with losing political support during an election year because they are starting to realize that this mandate is a sinking ship.

It is a sinking ship. The sign that the ship’s a sinkin’ is the sudden total liberal media barrage rehashing the same old, same old. At this point we seriously need to ask, who are they trying to convince and what are they trying to convince them of?

Do you really think they are trying to get liberal and nominal Catholics to leave the Church in Droves? Frankly, although I’m not encouraging anyone to leave their faith, what purpose would that serve?

Perhaps they want more fence-riders to jump on the Anti-Church–Pro-abortion bandwagon. But realistically, the response this ad eventually receives will only amount to another drop in the bucket. If they are also looking to damage the Church by turning more people against the religion (well, why do you think they call it the Freedom From Religion Foundation), then Yes, I am afraid of the short and long-term damage they can do with this ad.

But that’s clearly not the only point of this ad.

This timely ad is a clear sign of opportunism. Expect to see more of it as the current war against the Church rages on. Sed non prevalebunt! (They will not prevail!)

(Or will they??? Could Catholics do more to sieze this opportunity and become more united as a Church? If not, who’s to stop them from winning?)



    • I looked for a better image before I posted this one. Unfortunately, I could not find it. By now, you could probably find the full text on the internet by googling it.

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