Pro-Life Laws Reduce Teen Suicide Rates up to 21% 4

Pro-Life in More Ways Than One

Pro-Life: protecting young lives

Recent studies show that pro-life laws save many young lives, born and unborn.

National Review Online

This spring the journal Economic Inquiry published a study by Joseph Sabia and Daniel Reese which found very solid evidence that pro-life parental involvement laws reduce the suicide rate for teen females. This peer-reviewed study is both methodologically rigorous and well done. Analyzing state-level suicide data from 1987 to 2003 and holding constant both state-level trends and a range of economic and demographic factors, it finds that parental involvement laws reduce the suicide rate for teen females anywhere from 11 to 21 percent. The authors argue that this is because parental involvement laws reduce the incidence of stressful life events. These include unprotected sexual intercourse, STDs, pregnancies, and abortions.

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Pro-life laws could be saving more lives than you think

More Pro-Life Laws Underway

Pro-life legislation is making a strong impact across the nation and more is on the way.

The “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” (Passed in the House of Representatives on May 4), if it passes the Senate, would prohibit federal funds for abortion including funds used for any health benefits coverage that includes coverage of abortion (with some exclusions). Next week, “A House Judiciary Committee panel will hold a hearing next week on a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks in the District of Columbia.”

Although house bills aimed at defunding Planned Parenthood and regulating abortion in many states (e.g., California, Kansas, Texas, and New Hampshire) have met setbacks in their respective state senates or in the courts, several states successfully passed pro-life laws in recent months. The following list names states where abortion regulations were signed into law this year (a complete list of 2012 pro-life state legislation efforts can be viewed here).









Meanwhile, President Obama continues to promote abortion using online ads for his reelection campaign…

Pro-Life Action Makes a Difference in Everyone’s Life

The Pro-Life Movement effects everyone’s life. As the message of life continues to spread, it awakens consciences, changes hearts, and promotes a healthy culture of life in this country.

Here is an example of a recent conversion. This abortion doctor has finally decided to give up his practice.

You can read more about Scott’s story here.

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  1. Great news on both the new laws and the fact of saving lives. It is important that people know all of this. I am going to reblog, thank you!

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    Good news on the pro-life front as well as the news that intelligent laws lead to saved lives. God bless!

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