How Low Can You Go, Mr President? 35

Are they really that desperate?

In an attempt to attract young women voters, the Obama campaign released a video that compares voting (for Obama) to having sex for the first time.

This crude ad is not just an insult to the dignity of human sexuality, or human intelligence for that matter, it’s an insult to the office of the man who approved the ad for his campaign.

Apparently, since he cannot win by focusing on the real issues, he can still play the pied piper and lure young adults into voting for him through the appeal of sexual innuendo.

Once again, by running this ad, the Obama campaign shows where they stand in the “War on Women.” They clearly have no scruples when it comes to reducing women to sexual objects for their own political gain.


      • You are right that there is risk involved in spreading this ad, and the Obama campaign is apparently willing to take that risk. I don’t see it as a smart move on their part. However, you are right that we need to be prudent so as not to do their bidding for them.

        I still see this as a bad move on their part will ultimately harm their campaign more than it will help it.

        Thanks for your comments, Gracie.

      • I agree with you and am grateful for your posting. It is necessary to keep awareness out there of what is being spread about in our world. I do not have access to ads by either side and so this was a miss for me until you shared it with us. Thank you.

      • graciehill48 – I reblogged it. Note my comments, and note what Biltrix said about the video. I doubt Democrats consider what we are doing assistance. That sick video will just boost turnout for Romney.

        Because it reeks under our noses, we cannot hide from the knowledge of the sins of the flesh. No matter what we do, we cannot escape temptation. We can only love what is good and hate what is evil. We can only pray that the Holy Spirit will help us deodorize our thoughts and our lives.

        Should you post the video? You should post what you think important and appropriate. If you don’t feel comfortable posting something, don’t waste your time worrying about it. It probably just means you were called to do something else.

      • It was forwarded to those I felt could use the news. As to a public format, I felt conflicted at being a part of spreading something not all are going to see the implications of it. I am grateful for the posting by Biltrix as it keeps us aware of what is being spread in our world.

  1. I’m not going to click on the ad, but I’ll take your word about what it contains. I’m shocked that the Obama campaign would run ads such as these. Well maybe not totally shocked it is politics after all where is seems anything goes nowadays.

    • Literally “anything,” it seems. No, I’m not shocked; but I would not put it past them that they could still find a way to shock me.

      Thanks for your comment, Daniel. God bless!

  2. How low can he go? Based on this latest ad, pretty low. And I’m not sure we want to see how low. I doubt we are anywhere near bottom.

  3. This sickens me. Cheapens women and sex so much… I watched it once and once was enough to make me want to take a shower. Obama’s a personal/political opportunist who uses gutter low politics to achieve his endgame.

    • The thinking women and men of this world, or at least in this country, will have their chance to show what they really think on November 6. It is not looking good for the president, right now.

  4. The Democratic Party’s credibility just sank to the sea floor and settled there. Their true disdain for women is filling the air. Time to open a window and spray some air freshener. And what’s with the pixie haircuts? A couple of years ago the leftist look was a round bob, and for decades before that it was long, unstyled, untrimmed hair. Now it’s a pixie.

    • I’m not sure about the hairstyle, but I suppose it’s trying to be in with the hip and trendy thing. It does not matter who finds the style appealing, the content of the ad stinks and that’s what will come back and bite them in the end.

  5. So, it seems that Obama and his PR people believe that American women can only make an important decision if they liken it to first-time sex with the really cool guy on campus. The Democrats don’t really think much of American women, do they?

    • Either that, Terry, or they just don’t think. Probably both. They certainly were not thinking thoroughly enough of the negative impact this ad could have when they decided to run it. If they did, they took a pretty big gamble on people’s gullibility, which shows just the type of political leaders that are.

  6. it occurs to me that satan does sort of the same thing to us…..he knows and we know, that he has already lost the battle…but even though he can offer us nothing…..does whatever he can to lull us into thinking that he can…!

    • I like the analogy! It goes to show that there’s always something to be gained through most of life’s experiences, even if it’s only a thoughtful reflection for ourselves and for the future. Thanks for your comment, Planting Potatoes, and God bless!

  7. Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    I first heard about this video when I was listening to Conservative talk radio talk. Perhaps it was an act, but I really do think the host was shocked. In all my years, I have never heard of an ad for a presidential campaign that makes such a blatant sexual appeal. Is this really the way young women choose who they want to run the country?

    Ladies, you should find this ad unconvincing for three reasons.
    1. Here we have the president of the United States running to be your sugar daddy. You want the crude definition to go with the crude candidate? Here it is.
    2. You are being asked to vote for thievery. Where does President Barack Obama’s “sugar” come from? He steals it from your “rich” neighbors. Since those you would actually call “rich” don’t have enough money to buy all the votes he needs (That’s what it means to redistribute the wealth.), Obama has to steal from just about everyone. And if you are foolish enough to vote for such nonsense, it is no wonder you think you need a sugar daddy.
    3. Barack Obama has no idea who you are or what you need. He is just arrogant enough to think he can convince you to vote for him because he is so cool. After all, he has already done it once.

    You think you have scruples? Before we vote, each of us needs to do reality check. We need to consider who our maker thinks we should give our vote. We need to pray for the wisdom to vote wisely.

    • Redefining what it means to look presidential — that’s a scary thought! Especially if this is what it is going to look like.

      Well, let’s not stop praying. Our country needs it. God bless!

  8. Let me see if I understand Obama, It is a woman’s right to kill an unborn child, marriage is no longer between one man and one woman, sex for the first time should be outside of marriage, voting should be like having sex outside of marriage with anybody but your wife or husband, and this why I should vote for him? Why? He stands against everything I find Holy given to us from God. Can anyone find one good reason he should be President?

  9. The number of people who have sex for the first time outside of marriage is probably greater than 80%. Nevertheless, this ad is poor material for a presidential candidate. Romney, on the other hand, is utterly corrupt, a liar a thousand times over on TV just in the campaign. Obama is the only choice for POTUS. I just voted for him, and for most of the Democrats on the ballot. Until the evangelical thread vanishes utterly from the GOP, it is unpatriotic to vote for one at the federal level.


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