40 Years Gone, and Counting… 23


That’s the number of unborn lives ended by legal abortions in this country since this day in 1973 (as of 10:00 a.m.).

1,235 in the U.S. alone today by the time I finish writing this sentence. Now, 1,236, and counting…

Planned Parenthood has terminated 6,341,432 since 1970 — 19,865 so far this year alone (as of Jan. 1 2013).

73,281… 73,283… 73,284… — rising, rising, rising… — abortions performed in the U.S. this year. Now the number is at 73,290 and rising. By the time I finish each sentence, the number has changed (Now, 73,292).

Since 1980, the number of abortions world wide is estimated at 1,282,347,683 — over 1.25 billion deaths of innocent unborn children in 33 years — 2,375,450 of those lives were ended just this year — which really means this month, since only 21 days have passed since the beginning of the year.

How fast is that death toll escalating? Compare the 2 numbers I typed in the last paragraph, since I typed them, with these: 1,282,348,024 / 2,375,683 (if the math does not add up, it is because I cannot copy-paste them quickly enough. If you check the math, here are how many children died from abortion in the time it took me to copy-paste the last two numbers: 108. Astounding isn’t it? Or isn’t it rather sick!)

47,125 children’s lives were terminated in their own mother’s wombs world wide today alone. Since I typed the first number at the top of this page, 2,090 unborn children have died — were murdered, through abortion.

The current number for abortions performed in the U.S. since the Roe vs. Wade decision on January 22, 1973, is now:


And counting.

You can see all this for yourself at numberofabortions.com

To end on a more positive note, 1,500 abortion clinics have closed in the U.S. since 1991. Given the skyrocketing numbers above, that’s not enough. But it is hopeful. We can still do more to end the killing in this country.

3 days until the March for Life in Washington, DC

We hope to be 1,000,000 strong. Join us if you can. Join us in prayer. Spread the word. Defend the sanctity of life!


    • Thanks for your prayers, JTR.

      I suppose mercy is one of those things, which by definition, we never truly deserve. That is why we always need to pray for it; for ourselves and others, especially those who need it most.

      We must also then be thankful that our God is a God of mercy and compassion.

      May God pity our nation, and have mercy on us!

    • It was shocking to me as the reality set in while I was trying to keep up while typing it. Today is a day of memorial for the unborn child who lost his and her life through abortion, so today is the day to reflect on these numbers, unfortunately and sadly.

      Yet it is also a day of hope. I was at the March for Life for the first time last year on this day (this year it was moved because of the proximity to the inauguration). It is a very inspiring sight to see so many people of all ages coming out to support the sanctity of life and protest our government’s disdain for it. There is great hope for our country and our culture still.

    • Thank you, Terry. Especially for your prayers for the unborn children, our nations’ respect for life, the fruits of this year’s March for Life, and the Pro-Life Movement. God bless!

    • Thank you so much, Rainey View! We truly are honored.

      I’d like to share a small story with you to explain what this last star means.

      I had a very special experience at a seminary in Pennsylvania I visited a few years back. This seminary was affiliated with St Charles Borromeo Seminary, but it was reserved for applicants who desired to do a year of spiritual discernment — kind of like a novitiate year for diocesan seminarians.

      While we were touring the facility, the seminarian who was guiding us pointed out something unique about the diningroom floor. The floor tiles had a simple pattern of crosses on a checkered background, repeated throughout the diningroom with one exception. One brown tile was out of place, breaking the pattern.

      The seminarian explained that when the brother who made the mistake reported it to the abbot (I was told that the building was originally a Benedictine monastery) and asked for a penance, the abbot said, “Leave it just the way it is. It will remind you and everyone else that we are not perfect; only God is.”

      So they call that tile to this day “God’s square.”

      In a similar sort of way, I want to display the six star pattern on the blog award incomplete. That empty star, the one we can never fill, is God’s star.

      So, thank you, once again for nominating us to receive another star — we want to offer this one up to our Lord and Savior as an expression of our Love and service, and remind ourselves that what we do in comparison with what he does is little and the things we do that end up being great are great because he makes them great.

      We’ll offer this one up with prayers for you and yours too. God bless!

  1. That number is an unreal amount of murdered babies. That is 798.3 football stadiums full of 70,000 children, who never got to take their first breath. How many Jews did Hitler kill? We called what Hitler and Nazi Germany did hellish, what then would one call a nation that has out to death 798.3 stadiums full of children? Who shall mourn the loss of life for these little ones? I am sorry my heart brakes every time I think of these babies that has had their life robbed from them, I shall mourn for them. I shall be in prayer for you and God is with you as you march.

  2. Yes, the numbers of innocent babies murdered is sick and abominable. Praying for your safety as you travel to and from the March for Life. Have a great time during the march. Prayers for the protection of the unborn, conversion of hearts, and for the pro-life movement. God Bless.

  3. Almost forgot, James:
    I linked to that Seminarian video of yours from a couple months back (don’t know how I missed it back then??).

    Anyway, it was REALLY good, so I put it into Sunday’s post. Just wanted to say thanks for the “loan”….

      • Agreed, James.

        Of course, in my mind ALL priests are some combination of my first pastor when I was a kid (who was a tough as nails ex-Army chaplain) and Bing Crosby’s “Father O’Malley”.
        So you’ll forgive me if in my post I used Der Bingle to draw a comparison to current Seminarians.

        I assume most seminarians these days have never seen ‘Going My Way’, but to me it is still one of the great PR pieces for Catholic priests.

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