The Mystery of Faith 15

There’s faith, there’s supernatural faith, and then there is the Mysterium Fidei — the Mystery of Faith.

They shall all be taught by God — Isaiah 54:13

The Gospel reading for tomorrow’s liturgy is about the demands of our faith in the Mystery of mysteries, the Mystery of our Faith, the Eucharist. What does it mean to believe with supernatural faith? More…

A Skeptic’s Wager 9

Blaise Pascal

“If we submit everything to reason, our religion will have no mysterious and supernatural element. If we offend the principles of reason, our religion will be absurd and ridiculous.” — Blaise Pascal, Pensées. More…

Ask and You Shall Receive! Ask Nicely… Ask Wisely… 9

Unchecked Irony Leads to Despair

Ask and you shall receive! Seek and you shall find! Knock and the door will be opened on to you! For whoever asks, receives. Whoever seeks, finds. And to whomever knocks, the door will be opened.

“So why is it,” many ask, “that I never get what I ask for?” More…


Blessed feast of the Transfiguration to all of you. Here’s a meditation I wrote based on Rafael’s painting of the Transfiguration. It is a reminder that every moment in our lives is an opportunity to grow in faith.


Blaise Pascal once wrote:

“In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows to blind those who don’t.”

The picture above, taken from the bottom portion of Rafael’s Transfiguration,

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The Scream of Nature 4

Br Fr Joseph Tham, LC

Munch Edward — The Scream

Recently, Edvard Munch’s emblematic painting “The Scream” was sold for $119.9 million, and became the most expensive artwork ever sold at an auction. This painting is one of four similar works by the Norwegian expressionist artist and is also the only one to include a poem on the frame. He explained the inspiration behind this composition: More…

Very Inspiring Blogger Award 14

From a Very Inspiring Blogger

Thank you, Gracie’s Quest for nominating Biltrix! We are honored and humbled by this award.

When it comes to inspiring bloggers, you can’t do more to inspire your readers than encouraging them to live their lives in search of Christ, as Gracie surely does with Gracie’s Quest. Her mission statement says it all: More…

Bible and Barbecue 17

My soul shall be sated as with choice food, with joyous lips my mouth shall praise you! — Psalm 63:5

Beer Can Chicken

Beer is a biblical beverage. In fact there are three beers mentioned by name in the Old Testament: More…