“Signs of the Times…” A Timely Warning from Our Pope 1

“When a culture attempts to suppress the dimension of ultimate mystery, and to close the doors to transcendent truth, it inevitably becomes impoverished and falls prey, as the late John Paul II so clearly saw, to reductionist and totalitarian readings of the human person and the nature of society.” – Pope Benedict XVI

In his recent address to the bishops of the United States of America on their “Ad Limina” visit, His Holiness, Benedict XIV observed that: More…

Biltrix Alert: New HHS Mandate Is a Direct Attack on You, Our Church, and the Religious Liberty of All Americans Reply

I believe it’s a matter of grave concern for all of us:

[From CatholicVote.org]

Dear CV Friend,

Get ready to pay.

This morning [01/20/2012] President Obama called New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan to break the news.

Secretary of Health and Human Services and pro-abortion More…

A Good Reason for Reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church Reply

The famous orator, Cicero, once said that “to not know what occurred before you were born is to always remain a child.” Part of maturing and having a strong identity is to know where you come from, your culture, your values. No one starts from scratch.

This quote from Cicero can be applied to Catholics regarding their faith. More…

Amelia’s Story: This Is Incredibly Sad Reply

When I heard about Amelia’s story, it immediately reminded me of the movie John Q. The protagonist, played by Denzel Washington, is a loving Father who exhausts all licit means to get his son on the list for a heart transplant operation, to no avail. He then resorts to hijacking a hospital emergency room at gun point until his demands are met. In the end, More…

You Are What You Preach: the True Identity of the Church 2

Isn’t it so easy to judge others by their appearance or let oneself go by first impressions? Many years ago I had an experience that made me think twice before following this natural tendency. I was in the seminary and didn’t really like a certain fellow seminarian. I thought: More…

Why did Jesus Come? 9

Answer #1: In order to save us and reconcile us with God.

The Church teaches—and our own experience confirms it—that we live in a world of sin. We need look no further than the chaos of the last century or the heaviness in our own hearts to see sin’s effects.

Yet, as hard as it is for us to imagine, More…