Contraception or Religious Freedom? What the HHS Mandate Is Really About 1

Fr Jose LaBoy

Recently the Administrative Committee of the USCCB released a Statement in which they express several important aspects behind the HHS mandate.

There seemingly has been some debate whether the mandate is about contraception or about Religious Freedom. Recent articles have been emphasizing one or the other. In reality both have to be taken into account but not in the same way.

The emphasis on it being an issue of religious freedom can make it seem that the evil of contraception is just a religious belief, More…

“The Immorality of Birth Control Is No Longer a Teaching of the Catholic Church?” Reply

Notre Dame Philosophy Professor Gary Gutting stated in a New York Times op ed that “The immorality of birth control is no longer a teaching of the Catholic Church.”

“It may be objected,” Gutting wrote, “that, regardless of what individual Catholics think, the bishops in fact exercise effective control over the church.  This is true in many respects, but only to the extent that members of the church accept their authority.  Stalin’s alleged query about papal authority More…

Catholics Speak Up: Time to Say What We Believe 5

In recent weeks, Planned Parenthood has been mounting an aggressive propaganda campaign to promote abortion, contraception, and sterilization as fundamental to women’s health and reproductive rights.

In light of the HHS Mandate, many Catholics have seen this as part of a concerted attack on the Catholic Church and have decided to fight fire with fire, by retaliating with the Catholic answer. More…

Where is the love? (2): The Essence of Love According to Karol Wojtyla 2

Many acknowledge John Paul II’s communication skills, but how many take into account his profound philosophy regarding the person? He has certainly delved profoundly into what it means to be a person. His reflections are not mere mental constructs, but strongly based on experience, especially in his pastoral ministry with married couples.

His book Love and Responsibility is, More…